My goal as a photographer and artist is to capture images that will stir thoughts and emotions with all who view my work. Capturing the timeless qualities and essence of my subjects is what I aim for with every image I create. When working with my clients, I focus on capturing the images they desire while using my vision to produce images that evoke emotion. As an artist, I know I've achieved my goal when my clients tell me that my work speaks to them.

I've carried a camera with me for over 30 years. Ages ago, my mom indulged my interest in a 4-H photography project that, in turn, sparked a lifelong passion. Born and raised in rural Indiana, I've been transplanted to the urban expanse of Chicago, which I now call home. In stark contrast, these two worlds have opened my vision. Finding beauty, details, and a voice, regardless of the environment around me has given me a unique way of looking through the viewfinder. I see the world around me as a limitless canvas and I strive to capture my unique view of that expanse, one frame at a time.